• Danube River

    A test wafer generator, written in Python, which generates test structures for characterizing new processes, using parameters defined in a configuration file.

  • LibrePDK

    The LibreSilicon PDK

  • LS556

    The CMOS implementation of the cult timer chip 555 using the LibrePDK NMOS/PMOS

  • Libre Silicon Public License

    The collaborative effort to have the best formulation possible of our free silicon license

  • LibreSilicon 1 micron (LS1U) PadCells

    The Pad Cells for the one micron LibreSilicon node

  • LibreSilicon Statutes

    These are the statutes of the LibreSilicon foundation.

  • LibreSilicon website

    The LibreSilicon web presence

  • Magic

    Our fork of Magic with modifications to the technology

  • Manufacturing Process

    The manufacturing process for building the LibrePDK/PearlRiver

  • Maskless lithography

    A collection of ideas, brain storming, drawings and so on, in order to build a machine which
    doesn't require physical mask sets and can project the layouts onto the wafer on its own.

  • Mini Clean Room Glove Box

    This project aims a mini clean room environment using the glove box approach in order to allow you building microchips in your garage.

  • North Point

    A RISC-V based simplistic micro controller unit synthesized using the one micron LibrePDK

  • Pearl River

    The test wafer for the LibrePDK

  • PicoRV32 - A Size-Optimized RISC-V CPU

    PicoRV32 is a CPU core that implements the RISC-V RV32IMC Instruction Set. It can be configured as RV32E, RV32I, RV32IC, RV32IM, or RV32IMC core, and optionally contains a built-in interrupt controller.

  • Pure Digital

    A purely digital System On Chip

  • QtFlow

    A fully integrated EDA for VLSI design using Qt5

  • Sau Mau Ping SoC

    The Sau Mau Ping SoC is based on Rocket Chip and contains a multi core RISC-V CPU
    which is being untethered from FPGA-infrastructure so that it can be built bare metal.

    In addition effort is being done to replace the Rocket Chip AXI bus for periphery interconnection...

  • Standard Cell Lib

    Test ground for manually designed test logic structures

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