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Libre Silicon Compiler Manager, Entwickler, Reporter 06/16/2019
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Sau Mau Ping SoC Manager, Entwickler 09/07/2019



02:29 PM Libre Silicon Compiler Feature #7 (Neu): Global Routing Andreas Westerwick
02:24 PM Libre Silicon Compiler Feature #6 (Neu): Compiler Pass: Verify DRC
Verify design rule constraints by means of symbolic execution. Andreas Westerwick
02:09 PM Libre Silicon Compiler Feature #5 (Neu): Nature of Single-Segment Clustering
Leaving out SSC in the FastDP detailed placement algorithm makes it matrix-based as opposed to cartesian.
- Will...
Andreas Westerwick
02:05 PM Libre Silicon Compiler Feature #4 (Neu): Design Constraints before Synthesis
Like #3 but it should work before synthesis.
When optimizations are made that rewrite logic gates and therefore si...
Andreas Westerwick
02:00 PM Libre Silicon Compiler Feature #3 (Neu): Design Constraints after Synthesis
For synthesized netlists also offer design rule contraints for nets in those netlists. Andreas Westerwick

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