Maskless lithography

A minimalist, maximally inexpensive patterning system for exposing 50 micron patterns onto photo resist.
For cost reasons we use long wave UV light , which allows us to use the much less expensive visible light DMD chips from Texas Instruments, which can operate with UV light down to 400nm.

Candidates for DMD chips

Name Amount Long description Link Price
DMD Chip 1 DLP2000: DLP display suitable for visible UV light
Linear actuator 2 Linear actuator with a precision of 20um~30um
UV LED 1 UV LED in the visible spectrum (420nm)
IR LED 4 L13072-0120K: IR LED for shining through the wafer in order to detect the alignment markers, wave length: 1200 nm


Name Thickness Type Wavelengths Developer
AZ 1512 1.2 um positive 310-440 nm
AZ 9260 5-20 um positive 365-435 nm
AZ 4210 2–4 um positive 350-450nm KOH

Video Material

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