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01:48 PM Manufacturing Process Wiki edit: Wiki (#1)
David Lanzendörfer


02:20 PM Pearl River Fehler #2 (Neu): Contacts have the wrong size
The contact holes in the LTO do not all have the same dimensions.
This violates the design rules.
All holes should ...
David Lanzendörfer


12:18 PM LS556 Fehler #1: magic techfile: rpdiffusion behavior
Ferenc Éger wrote in #note-3:
> Layers are now OK (no poly or missing FOX opening), but the silicide block has no ov...
David Lanzendörfer


01:59 PM LS556 Fehler #1: magic techfile: rpdiffusion behavior
Here I've fixed the issue:
David Lanzendörfer
01:59 PM LS556 Fehler #1 (Gelöst): magic techfile: rpdiffusion behavior
David Lanzendörfer

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